Thursday, January 31, 2013

13 Days And Counting!

Hello Bloggers and THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME (TSS) fans! I apologize for the extremely short post today.  I actually had to go to a real place and do real work this morning, so I'm running way behind, and we've got a slew of things to do.  Check out my personal blog here, I'll be focusing my energy there today as I finish the history of my life, briefly.  By Saturday I should have brought fans and readers up to speed on what has led us to Savannah and the creation of TSS.  That being said, here is page nine of TSS, followed by another picture.  Y'all enjoy and have a wonderful end of the week!

"and trees even here gave her no indication that any unexpected visitors were lurking in the island’s thick brush; another group of friends whom she would later learn had betrayed her.  But at the present moment, she felt confident that another blessed day for fishing had been bestowed upon her.  She made her way back to the cannon and its carriage, no longer keeping her head low.  She always made herself visible just before she left the safety of the Fort, hoping to entice any predators out in the open before she put herself at their mercy.  Before she placed the binoculars down into their temporary holding place, she scanned the entire island around her, with a steady, smooth pivot.  The island was calm and tranquil.  The leaves of strong oaks, tall pines, and stretching palms all murmured softly with each wave of the northwestern that had moved into the area that day.  Feeling satisfied with her safety, she stepped into the front of the cannon, placing the binoculars on the metal base of the cannon’s carriage.  There, hiding secretly, was a loaded Beretta 9mm pistol.  Her hand paused and she stared at the weapon for a good while, listening to her gut and her gun.  She closed her eyes and breathed in the air around her.  All she could smell was the distinct scent of fall.  She left the pistol.
     She moved toward the front of the cannon and reached in, pulling the thick, once-bright-white rope from the darkness and feeding the tapered end over the edge of outer wall.  She stopped feeding the rope over the edge as soon as she heard the telltale splash from the moat below.  She pulled the remaining ten feet or so out of the cannon and snuck the end of the rope under the front bar that provided the perfect tie for her descent line.  She secured the line with a quick Yosemite bowline knot.  She placed both feet upon the iron base of the cannon and pulled upward on the rope, giving it a secure hold.  From there her left hand reached back into the cannon and emerged with her machete.  She unwound the black shoulder harness from around the handle, slipped it over her left shoulder and clipped it on the bottom of the blades sheath just behind her right hip.  Ready for her fishing trip, she lowered herself on both knees and folded her hands together.  Her"

Man, these pages really keep leaving y'all hanging.  If I were you, I'd just click either here for the Kindle version, or here for the print version, and go ahead and get your own copy now!

Late spring flowers blooming in one of SAV's many parks.

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