Friday, February 1, 2013

12 Days To Go!

Good morning Bloggers and THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME (TSS) fans!  My daughter is still sick, and last night she woke up around midnight and decided it was time to play for two hours before I finally forced her back to sleep.  She's still snoozing now.  Not much news coming out of TSS today, so before I share page ten of the book and another picture of this fabulous city, I did watch another one of my favorite shows last night and really liked the episode.  I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this new season of Glee, with my favorite characters all going their separate ways after graduation and an ensemble of new people joining the cast, and while at first it seemed like almost too much for the show to handle with so many new story lines, I really like the way the fourth season is progressing.  While some of the songs they have done this season were not the greatest, the last two episodes have pulled me back in.  Last night's closing number with the new cast of New Directions was amazing.  This group seems to gel together much better than the original ND crew, if that is possible (when they weren't all fighting with each other, that is).  The writers finally seem to be writing more feel good drama, but with Glee I have realized that just when I start to really like the character of someone, the writers make them do something stupid or cruel and I just get aggravated   Take Rachel for example.  Her voice is amazing, and while the writers had her making bitchy move after bitchy move in the first three seasons, she, of course, would be the force to propel ND to their national title.  And since she's moved to NY I have really liked her character, minus her diva meltdown last week when her new boy toy was late for dinner.  Last night, the writers allowed her to stay classy and keep her innocence by refusing to do a topless scene for a student film, after she had felt confident she was ready for that point of her stardom.  Glee is an amazing show, but it seems you either love it or hate it.  I definitely get a lot of mixed looks from other guys when I say I'm a Glee fan.  Only a few male friends actually watch the show, but to get them to admit it, you practically have to water-board them.  For me, loving the show was simple. Not only are there always a handful of hot actresses as the main characters, but they are hot actresses who can sing, really well.  I was hooked from that first pilot episode, where they covered one of the most popular anthems of all time with Don't Stop Believing (you have to click this link, so amazing to see where this show began and how young the original cast looks, and the cover of that classic Journey song is life-changing).  But it's more than just hot actresses with amazing voices, it's the music.  That show does amazing covers of some of the most popular songs ever, and, like last night, sometimes introduces me to a whole new song I have never heard, but when Glee does it, I instantly love.  I have many upon many of their songs downloaded from iTunes.  And while sometimes the story lines are stretched thin, I think they have covered a lot of important issues high school kids face that no one else wants to cover or talk about.  Their story line about bullying with Kurt was very emotional and thought provoking.  So, yes, I'm a Gleek, and proud of it!

So here is page ten of TSS.  Come back tomorrow for the Weekly Writer's Prompt from  Continue to follow my personal blog over at, I'll finally stop talking about myself after this weekend, I promise!  Y'all have a great Super Bowl weekend!

"elbows came to rest on the same ledge she had used to scout the island about thirty minutes earlier.  The sun had made a substantial drop in the sky.  The world around her was still giving her the impression her day would be like every other day.  She closed her eyes.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Lord of Hosts,
Holiest of Holies.
I thank You for watching over me throughout my slumber.
I ask for Your protection as I leave the walls of the secure home You have gifted me with.
I also ask for You to bless my fishing trip this evening.
May I continue to find sustenance to continue this great quest You have set before me.
In these things I pray for Your ultimate grace.

     She stood, grabbed her fishing bucket, a simple 5 gallon light green plastic pail, and heaved it over the almost 50 foot wide moat.  It landed in the thick grass and bounced high in the air before coming down and rolling to a stop.  She picked up her rod, loosened the bait hook and used it as a harness across her chest, leaving the rod to rest on her back, along with her machete, and hooking the barb on the lowest guide.  She tightened the reel.  The rod was secure on her back.  She stepped up on the ledge, turning her back to the river.  She reached down and pulled the rope up to her stomach, keeping the line between her knees and sneakers. With a deep breath she took the first leap, her feet clenching on the rope as well as her hands.  Once the slack took, the line spun and she came crashing against the outer brick wall of the fort.  Her right shoulder absorbed the shock today.  It was never a painful crash, but it always got her nerves going.  That momentary free fall feeling never got old for her.  As soon as her movement became isolated she slinked her way down the rope until she was directly in front of the lower opening on the wall.  Here" 

Wow!  Cut off again!  I would just go ahead and buy the book here...

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