Friday, February 22, 2013


Hello Bloggers and THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME (TSS) fans!  Although this is late, I wanted to get in a quick blog.  On Fridays I usually give my review for this week's new Glee episode, but last night was a rerun, so I got caught up on the final season of The Office.  I haven't been the most faithful Office fanatic in the last couple seasons but when they announced this would be the final season, I have dove in head first and have been catching every amazing episode.  The Office is a show that I have found people either love or hate.  It took me until the third season to get hooked, and that was by catching the early episodes being rerun daily.  You have to start from the beginning to really appreciate the brilliance of the American version (The Office originated from a British version which was Ricky Gervais's career launching point).  The show is full of fun, creative characters who constantly get in crazy and outlandish situations.  I never would have thought working at a paper company would be so fun and interesting, but the amazing writers brought that world to life in a stroke of timeless brilliance.  The Office is one of the great sitcoms that will always have a strong cult-like following and will exist in daily classic reruns like Seinfeld, Friends, Everyone Loves Raymond, and Arrested Development, etc.  I must say that I am going to really miss The Office and it's band of colorful characters.  There should be about eight episodes left, unless they stretch this last season out a little longer.  They are hinting at some major events that will most likely unfold to close out the series.

So, this late post got another unexpected delay when my arm got pinned under my sleeping toddler.  That being said, I have to call it a night.  I'll see y'all here tomorrow for the Weekly Writing Prompt.  It seems to be a fun one!  Have a great Friday night!

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