Friday, February 8, 2013

Five Days Left!!

Hello Bloggers and THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME (TSS) fans!  Well, we have reached the end of another week, and when the countdown resumes on Monday, there will be just two days left!  Hopefully, the results from Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award will come out sooner, but February 13 is the last day they'll release the outcome for the first round judging.  And, with the good Lord willing, perhaps we'll be able to start a new countdown next week for round two!  I sold another Kindle edition of the book!  That's two days in a row of mystery sales!  Maybe these nice readers will be kind enough to leave a review on the Amazon page.  I crept back into the top 90,000 in Amazon's Paid Books sales rankings, out of over 1.5 million titles and growing, which means I'm in the top six percent!  Bam!  Pretty good stat looking at it that way.  Would be really nice to be in the top one percent, since that would hopefully mean a few thousand copies sold.  But, that will come soon enough with the progression through the ABNA contest.  Come back tomorrow for the newest installment of the Weekly Writing Prompt from  The prompt is somewhat silly, and I'm resisting the urge to not make it like the movie "Ted" and keep it kid friendly.  Follow my personal blog here, there's really only one news story worth discussing today, but I will have some important links regarding a memorial for a fallen hero.  Have a great Friday everyone!

So here is page fourteen of TSS.  This is another LONG paragraph, that leaves readers hanging.  Again (that's what real page-turners do...).  You should just buy the whole book here.  Enjoy:

"compressed on the cooling grass surface below.  Her right hand reached over her shoulder and drew her machete from its sheath upon her back.  The cicadas and crickets sang loudly.  Somewhere deep on the island crows cackled back and forth to each other.  She moved to the east, to the nearest wall of thick underbrush. She ducked under a low lying branch and found her target.  Her machete raised high in the air and she brought it down in a thick thud.  An ax would be a much easier method to chop each new dead limb off the top half of the fallen oak that supplied her almost every fishing trip with ample fuel to cook her meals. But she had a strong machete and she kept it meticulously sharp, so it did the trick, with the right amount of effort involved.  She only removed one large limb and dragged it back out of the heavy wooded area.  Next she proceeded to chop up the limb into ten sections, each measuring close to a foot each.  She grouped these limbs together and brushed her blade off lightly with her left hand before returning it to its proper holding place.  A quick rummage through the ground just beneath the tree limb gave her enough starter fuel.  She returned to the Hambright with the handfuls of dried leaves and twigs first.  A stairwell on the east side of the structure allowed her access to the upper deck with her hands full.  The starter fuel was split equally and she placed the first on the pile of ash that sat at the center of the Hambright.  No grill sat on top of this pile’s center.  After placing the second pile of twigs and leaves under her grill, she grabbed her pants and pulled them back on, now that her body was completely dry.  She pulled the wet shirt off the bucket and placed it on the guard rail to allow it to begin to dry.  If a fish flopped out now, it would not matter; their minutes of remaining life were hastily running out.  Another hop over the railing and she gathered up her larger logs.  That pile was split differently, with just four logs given to the burning area next to her cooking enclosure.  Those four logs were stacked to create a tight platform to hold their necessary requirement.  She built the logs around the starter twigs in similar fashion but began with a bigger base, slowly building up to just a few inches underneath the grill. " 

Headstones that line the inner perimeter wall
at the Colonial Cemetery.  

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