Monday, February 25, 2013

Back to Business

Happy Monday Bloggers and THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME (TSS) fans!  Got a busy week ahead, but I think I will be getting into a better routine with my new job and composing a few solid posts during the week.  I don't have much to share on this blog today since I was busy all weekend doing things that, for once, did not involve any kind of writing.  So today I'll just get back into sharing the next page of TSS and another picture from our beautiful city.  Y'all have a great day and hopefully I'll see you here tomorrow where I'll be talking about tonight's riveting episode of The Following!

Picking up where we left off, here is page nineteen of TSS.  Enjoy!

"to her feet and before she could bring the machete at this unexpected attacker, a hand landed strongly on her wrist.  He forced the machete out of her hand and moved away from her.  He drove the blade deep into the ground.  Before she could ponder the meaning of this, the other two were on top of her.  She was flipped on her back.  Her right hand reached swiftly for her hunting knife but one assailant slammed her back down hard onto the ground.  Her feet found the other attacker once, then twice, kicking at him hard.  She pulled her right leg up to deliver a crushing blow on his face, a horrific image of teeth and wild eyes, but then a crushing strike was delivered into her face.  The man holding her down by her shoulders had found her nose with perfect aim.  Blood exploded onto her lips and the pain was intense, but not enough to put her out of the fight.  It did give her second attacker time to get ahold of her legs and pin down her lower body.  Now she was trapped.  Hands were on her waist band, ripping her pants off.  Jackals laughing in deep breaths.  She twisted her body with all her might, momentarily freeing her hips but her legs were now stuck together thanks to her pants being around her ankles.  She would need to pull both feet up to kick hard enough to do any damage.  She was breathing through her mouth since her nose was filled with blood, but now her mouth was covered with an unbearable weight.  The other assailant was sitting on her head with all his weight divided between his legs, which had her shoulders pinned to the ground, and the rest of his mass on her face.  She twisted her face free, gasping for air just as she felt her legs pulled open as far as they could with her pants permitting and then something warm was painfully trying to be pressed into her body.  A pain she had never experienced before shot through her senses.  The object was large enough to present a difficult entrance into her body.  She heard horrific laughter from the two men above her.  And then she noticed the third.  He was standing near where he drove the machete down into the ground.  There was a spitting sound and then warm saliva landed on the hair on her privates before a brutal hand forced it around and into her body.  She still did"

Yup, that paragraph took up one whole page and was still going strong!  Y'all should really just buy a copy of the book here or eBook here...

Skidaway Island State Park.

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