Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Thursday!

Hello Bloggers and THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME (TSS) fans!  I missed posting yesterday and feel this could be the new norm.  I'll discuss it in better detail in my personal blog here.  Also, in that blog, I inadvertently shared the story that I had mentioned I would be sharing today when I described our weekend happenings.  I shared our experience catching our first performance at SAV's local theatre, the historic Savannah Theatre.  Open and running continuously since 1818, it is a must-do when visiting this beautiful city.   But, to avoid being redundant, I'll leave my description of the show we saw, and the venue, in my previous post on my personal page.

Which leaves me to discuss the writings of some amazing programs I caught this weekend and the beginning of the week.  National Geographic brought Bill O'Reilly's best-selling historical depiction to life in Killing Lincoln.  After viewing the show, and the in-depth research done by O'Reilly, I almost regret not buying and reading the book, and I was almost tempted to buy Killing Kennedy, but I heard from a friend that NatGeo is working on that program next.  So I'll just watch the show on cable, that way I don't put any of my money directly in O'Reilly's pocket (although after seeing what major historical murder he is tackling next, I may finally be buying an O'Reilly book...).  However, I do recommend Stephen King's 11/22/63, and the thorough research King did on Lee Harvey Oswald.  I enjoyed the way King brought life to Oswald and tried to make the world understand how political fanaticism can drive a man to do monstrous things.

Also on NatGeo this week was the launch of the first-hand accounts and video following Air Force Pararescue in Afghanistan.  Now, if you are a follower of my personal blog you might realize why I would hold this show close to my heart.  While there isn't really writing involved in this program, Inside Combat Rescue, I highly recommend it, so that more people can learn and see what our most elite members of the military are doing overseas, day in and day out.

The Following continues to thrill and the plot just seems to get thicker and thicker.  I honestly cannot wait for next Monday's episode.  Again, if you're not watching this show, jump on the website and get caught up! It really is an incredibly well-done network show.  And Fox just can't lose in our house.  They are the only channel we watch during the week.  The Following on Monday night, New Girl and The Mindy Project on Tuesday nights, American Idol has won my "significant other" over to fill Wednesday night as I hit the gym, and on Thursday, there is Glee, of course.

Before I leave you for the day (I'll get back to sharing pages of TSS next week) I want to provide a link to half of The Daily Show's opening bit.  While I always enjoy all of Jon Stewart's programs, Tuesday 2/19, had an amazing opening.  You can view it here.

Thanks for reading and I'll hopefully see y'all here tomorrow!  Have a great day!

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