Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Only Today Until Tomorrow...

Hello Bloggers and THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME (TSS) fans.  Well, only today separates us from knowing the results of the first round of Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA). Needless to say, I couldn't sleep that well last night.  I'm sure tonight will be even better!  That being said, I will keep today's entry extremely short, so I can take my mind off this contest.  Please check out my personal blog here.  I'm not sure when I'll post tomorrow's blog on Blogger, probably not until the results are out.  So, until then, y'all have a great day!

Here is page sixteen of TSS!  Enjoy:

"      To give thanks to this body I fill with energy,
To give thanks to the protection of this place.
With great devotion I pray.
     As her burnt offering filled her sense of smell with the hunger enticing smell of roasting fish, she pulled her meal fish from the bucket, instantaneously severing the heads of both.  She placed her mouth over the eye sockets and sucked out the eyes.  The gooey, warm, salty liquid hit her tongue with great satisfaction.  The eyes always gave her great energy and lifted her spirit as she prepared the bodies of the fish for the hot grill, using her hunting knife to cut out fillets off each side, slicing at an angle and just going deep enough to remove the meat off the ribs of the fish.  After cutting four substantial fillets, she placed the remaining body and heads onto her sacrificial fire.  She easily cut the skin away from each fillet piece before laying them upon the metal grill.  The fish meat sizzled upon contact and the smell drifted into her nose and tempted her hunger.  Her stomach grumbled.  As her meal cooked, she fully clothed herself, cleaned her machete completely, and then used a rock and the concrete edge to sharpen the blade.  She would repeat the process later on with her sharpening flint at the fort, but for now, she filled her time with constant activity.  After sharpening the machete, she used her knife to flip each piece of fish.  The four fillets had all turned a nice shade of white and had black grill lines singed into the flesh.  A smile crept onto her face, unknowingly.  This was her favorite part of the day.  Soon she would have her fillets cooling on the side of her machete as it rested upon her legs.  From the top of the Hambright she would sit, slowly enjoying her meal.  With each bite of the thin meat she would close her eyes, breath in the salty air, and let the wind run its fingers over her face and drying hair.  Her teeth would slowly mash the meat, her tongue exploring each explosion of flavor, no matter how mild the fish did taste.  To her, there was not a better taste in her world; at least none that she no longer could remember, nor cared to.  This meal would sustain her for the "

A bit of a different picture today.  Here is the public beach
at Tybee Island, the main beach for us Savannahians!

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