Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eight Days Left!

Hello Bloggers and THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME (TSS) fans!  While TSS has stalled out in terms of sales right now, both this blog and my personal blog are hitting some of the highest viewing numbers ever.  I see a surge every Saturday with the Weekly Writing Prompt here, which is then reflected on my personal blog.  It's good to know somebody's reading these!

Well, it's Tuesday, which has suddenly become my day for personally raving, and ranting, about Fox's new Monday night drama The Following.  They are really making me hate the central antagonist, the serial killer Joe Carroll, more and more each episode.  He and his cult are doing everything they can to torment the FBI Agent, Ryan Hardy, who seems to have just lucked into catching Carroll during his initial murdering spree.  The violence in the show is still a bit appalling and unnecessary   I understand they are going after realism here in its most vivid form, but to show a cult member stab a man to death and watch him bleed out is a bit morbid.  A dangerous show to be airing in a dangerous time in our society.  I hope parents are using extreme caution and keeping impressionable kids away from this show.  But even a young adult, out on their own for the first time and down on their luck, might find that this series unlocks the evils of their soul.  I pray not, but with the increasing frequency of violence occurring in America, who knows what may come from this evil, yet highly entertaining show.  I still recommend it to any adult friends.  The writing for the show is top notch, the sets are thoroughly designed to the smallest detail.  I really wish that Fox would have used the show's website to highlight the talented writers and creators of the show, instead of trying to make the show seem even more real by exploring the back stories for the characters and major settings for the cult members.

Here is page twelve of TSS.  Hopefully, you have all been following along.  It doesn't seem like giving the book page-by-page is spurring any extra sales, but I'll still continue to do so.  If you want to purchase the story in its entirety, click here.  Otherwise, here is another segment, and yes, this is one LONG paragraph...  Enjoy:

"leaves all around her, buffering her ears.  The tranquil slush of the ocean and river waves was hypnotic and seducing.  There was a certain aura of peace in the air that evening.  Each moment of tranquility caused her to put her guard down more and more.  She felt at home, as she had almost every day since she decided to make Cockspur Island her place of residence.  That was a decision she never regretted.  The fort provided a proven protective sleeping quarter through all the seasons, through all the terrible weather elements she had endured.  The island and surrounding waters gave her more than she needed to survive, and that was all she asked for, each morning and night as she prayed to God.  He seemed to hear her well enough as He continued to provide for her, as He did this day just like many before.  She caught the limit she gave herself pretty quick, reeling in three substantial redbreast sunfish using just three crickets.  The other four crickets were released back into the brush and she kept her daily meal swimming in her bucket that was now full of water.  She placed the bucket on the northern wall of the pier next to her sneakers and covered the top with her shirt.  With the cool air wrapping around her naked breasts, she bent down and unhooked her hunting knife and placed it on the wall.  Her pants came off next, removing her shaving razor from the right front pocket.  The pants were folded once and laid on top of her shirt to further enforce the ceiling of her meals entrapment.  She waded out into the ocean naked, using the water to wash away the feelings of uncleanliness.  She wished she could find more soap, but she had diminished her last supply weeks ago.  Without the natural lather it meant for a painful shaving experience up and down her legs and then her arms and armpits.  She hated hair and would have removed all that covered her body, but she refused to shave her entire lower body without having some form of soap, so her hair continued to grow in regions she felt ashamed to name.  Her bathing trip was short and quick, just long enough to accomplish her necessary tasks.  When she had soap, she would spend more time enjoying her surroundings, slowly cleansing her skin and body in the beautiful waters"

From the altar looking toward the entrance at the Cathedral
of Saint John the Baptist.

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