Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another Review From Amazon!

Hello Bloggers and fans!  Took a few days off to recoup from a nasty stomach virus (pretty ironic considering the book I am promoting).  While I was away, the fourth review to drop on Amazon came in a couple days ago.  THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME received its fourth 5-star review!  This one comes from username:  diahen, and they write:

A sit on the edge of you(r) seat holding your breath. A work of fiction....or is it?
Jason Zimmerman makes you question and wonder - could this could be real, could it really happen?

What a wonderful review!  And a good point to bring up, could the events in TSS really happen?  I like to think that when I wrote this novel I tried my best to keep it grounded in reality and present a world and future that America could very well be progressing towards.  What kind of future is this?  Only one way to find out:  buy the book, available now in eBook and hardcover, and dive in!  Happy Hump Day Everyone!

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