Saturday, January 5, 2013

Weekly Writing Prompt

Happy Saturday Y'all!  Well, as promised, here is week two of a free writing sample (you're welcome) using the WWP (Weekly Writing Prompt) from  This week's prompt completely abandoned the land of creativity, and I almost followed suit, but then I remembered that I was a writer.  And decided to have fun with it:

"Make a New Year’s resolution list that includes 10 goals. They don’t all have to be writing-related, but at least 3 of them do. Then refer to this post often this year and update it as you complete your goals."

Here's my list.  See if you can decipher what I am actually referring too:

1.  Further shake the bonds of evil and open my arms wider to embrace  the light of life and the world.
2.  Imprison myself in a world of periodic macabre tasks and duties in hope to hustle for slight monetary relief.
3.  Bring forth the great literary work THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME to the world and allow them to feast on the filling fable of words to thus help avoid goal number 2.
4.  Gather magical anecdotes to present a glorious gift to the looming ABNA Monster.
5.  Compose a beautiful symphony of symbolism and word play to follow the adventures of one peculiar Cathartes aura.
6.  Rescue the green eyed damsel from the bonds of single-hood and bequeath her hand in matrimony.
7.  Join the Fellowship of the Collective Faith.
8.  Embark on a quest to spread the strength from goals 1 and 7 through this dark world.
9.  Reduce the giant meteor heading to my world to a more manageable size.
10.  Traverse the globe to destinations on the pathways of Savannah, Vernan, and the Andrews brothers.

Need help figuring out exactly what I am talking about, then head on over to my other blog at to get a more straightforward writing response.

Or just scroll down....

1.  Further develop my relationship with God and Jesus.
2.  Earn a steady income again.
3.  Market THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME to a broader audience to help goal #2.
4.  Put together an award winning package to enter into Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award competition, to help goals #2 and 3.
5.  Write the second volume of Vernan, the Vegan Vulture.
6.  Finally ask my number one fan to marry me, and do it in grand fashion, by complete surprise.
7.  Become a partner at Church.
8.  Go on a mission trip with said Church.
9.  Take a big chunk out of my debt.
10.  Go on a vacation, but make it a productive one to a location that will be used as a setting in one of my sequels.

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