Friday, January 11, 2013

CDC Forewarns Flu Outbreak.

Happy Friday Everyone! I'm writing this blog using the Blogger app, and it is as terrible as the reviews say. Absolutely no functions, I am just able to type text. Not sure what GOOGLE was thinking creating this app, but it's about as basic as it can be. I guess they just want bloggers to do what they are supposed to do in a blog, share words...

Busy weekend ahead and I have fallen behind on preparing my pitch, which I had planned to share in my blog today. Instead, I just happened to be watching fear-mongering FOX News (only because my friend's major engineering project is supposed to be on it) and saw a brief story where the CDC has predicted a major outbreak of flu this year... Well, duh, I predicted it six months ago when I started writing THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME. And now, that prediction has been available to readers for almost a month. If you want to see how accurate I am, and just what causes this new outbreak, head over to Amazon and search for THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME. Or scroll to some of my previous blogs where I was actually able to link the title to its Amazon page (thanks GOOGLE...). Hope y'all have a nice weekend! Weekly writing prompt tomorrow!

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