Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's Thursday, Weekend Is Almost Here!

Hello Bloggers and Fans.  Well, to be honest, I'm not feeling very inspired this morning to compile anything witty or fun to share.  No new reviews.  No new sales.  Waiting on my "editor" to finish her final edit of THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME (TSS).  She is on Chapter 12, and is still catching a few things I did not catch in my final edit.  Luckily, most of the worst mistakes I already saw and fixed.  I looked at the Writer's Digest Weekly Writer's Prompt and not sure I really like this week's.  I do believe it will test my skills as it is meant to be written as a comedy, and I'm definitely not the funniest guy in person, so I'm far from a funny writer.  Writing humor is a real challenge, so I usually stray far from it, but we'll see what I can come up with.  I will say now, that starting a prompt with the lines "Pretend you are a recovering alcoholic" isn't very sensitive to real-life alcoholics, and the disease addiction can cause a person.  So, who knows, maybe I'll twist this into a sobering reflection on the power of alcohol.  Depends on my mood Saturday morning, or Friday night, whenever I write it.  I actually have to work on Saturday...Boo.  This is what I meant when I said this month would take FOREVER to learn if I made it through the first round of the ABNA competition.  So what I'll do is give you readers the first page of TSS.  Yes, I know you can get this on Amazon anyway, so nothing new here, but I am not going to post the entire Amazon preview at once and extra material henceforth.  So if you haven't grabbed your copy of TSS yet, in either paperback or Kindle version, here is the first page.  Hopefully, it's all you'll need to pique your curiosity...


They betrayed her.  She had thought they were all her friends, but they betrayed her.  Every.  Last.  One.
It began with the sun, which had initiated its downward descent over the western edge of the island.  When she had risen from her daily slumber, the sun was shining brightly.  That great orange ball of gas so far away spoke cheerfully to her.  The sun beckoned her to rise and stretch; to glorify a beautiful day coming to an end.  That sinister sun had also enlisted the help of a cool wind that found its way into her sleeping quarters.  She took a deep breath of the fresh air, and even the crispness of the troposphere would prove to be a deceitful trick.  An unexpected chill had arrived at the beginning of dusk, which was another betrayal she would have never expected.  The coming seasonal transition always brought her nothing but joy and serenity.  But today, those soft fingertips of fall would turn into sharp nails digging in her back.
      Had she woke up and the sun been unforgivingly bright and intense, she may have abandoned her decision to make it a day for fishing and hunting.  Or even if the sun had been less intense, perhaps the sky filled with clouds, she may have slept through until night.  If the sky had gathered great rain storms"

This is from the paperback version, so it's even shorter than the Kindle version.  As promised, here is another picture of the beautiful city of Savannah.  And don't forget to follow my other blog over at!  Have a great Thursday y'all!

Love this house and the vine facade.

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