Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our Fifth 5-Star Review!!!

Happy Tuesday Bloggers and Followers, and the occasional stumbler upon this website!  I'm writing rather late in the day today.  Had to wait until my daughter got lunch in front of her to sit down and compose this post.  I had a late night full of distractions and did not wake up until 8, read up on the news and watched a rather interesting video, but all that will be explained in my personal blog over at jzimmerman324.weebly.com.  Since this page is only dedicated to information about the book, THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME (TSS), I will stick to topic.

That being said, our fifth 5-star review has come in on our Amazon page!  This review comes from user name:  Patricia Rowell, and I must confess, this is my girlfriend's grandmother, so it is a bit biased, and she even states so in the review, which says:

"Great book! So glad I got to read it. The writer is great too. Even though I do (know) him personally, he is amazing!"

Thank you Nanny Patsy!  Kind words indeed.  I am still waiting to here from a few of the other mysterious readers (those who bought copies that I do not know) on their thoughts.  But it still made my day to read this review from such a wonderful woman.  To know my book was interesting enough to keep her attention and to draw her into a fictional world and fictional characters is all the proof I need to know I created something special here.  Want to see how special it is?  Only one way to find out.  Buy THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME, in either print version or Kindle version and dive in.  With all the hoopla going around about the Government taking away people's guns, read about a future where the country falls into this next Civil War that a lot of pundits keep alluding too.  It's been available to readers for almost a month now, and the country and the world just doesn't know!  Find it yourself in THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME!

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