Friday, January 4, 2013

Print Version Now Available on Amazon!

Happy Friday Bloggers and fans!  Got the proof copy of the paperback edition of THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME last night.  Saw a few mistakes, but it's already been approved for print and available on Amazon, so, oh well.  If I see a spike in sales I might go back and clean it up, but for now, it's all about getting the story out there and gaining fans.

This is my second run at a print-on-demand (POD) novel.  The picture below shows the difference in quality from and  Lulu offers only two sizes, 6 x 9, or 8.5 x 11, respectfully.  Because the overall cost of the book is determined by number of pages, I had to go with the larger format for my first novel, SUPERHEROES:  The Novel, which made my piece of literature look like a text book instead of a standard fictional paperback.  At, they have a handful of size options, and, for THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME, I went with a more common paperback size, and the result is amazing.  It feels like a real book, and looks beautiful.  Really excited about the end result, though I did make a few mistakes (not justifying the description on the back, the TOC has a mislabeled section and is missing the reference to Part 1) and I did see a few typos that I missed, but no big deal.  If we sell 10,000 copies I'll clean it up.  Still pushing the eBook first, since it's a better price point and saves paper.

 Put if you are looking for an actual book to put on your bookshelf, this is a must have.  A gorgeous addition to slide in between some of the most important works of literature.  Thank you for your support.  Y'all take care!

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