Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Just writing a quick blog today.  Picked up my paperback version of THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME (TSS) and started to read through it, to make sure there were absolutely no mistakes in the first 5,000 words at the very least, and I started noticing, not a-lot of typos, but definitely enough to make me squirm in my seat.  And yet, none of my kind readers have felt it was bad enough for people to bring to my attention.  Makes me wonder what kind of caliber reading they are doing now-a-days.  So that being said, I have been spending every spare second I have, METICULOUSLY reading TSS for what will, hopefully, be the last time.  Only 5 days until the ABNA submission period opens and I am still committed to submitting it within the first hour.  I apologize if any fans were hoping for more today, but that is all I have.  Off to reading.  Check out the Weebly blog, as I have to explain something very important to this writer's life.  And as promised, here is a picture of our beautiful city...

US Custom House, has an important part in

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