Monday, January 14, 2013

And So It Begins...

Happy Monday Bloggers and single subscriber!  Thank you Ms. Rowell!  THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME(TSS) has been entered into Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award as of 12:01 am last night.  Well, it was more like 12:30 after I finished filling out all the unexpected, and required, fields.  Now this will probably be the longest month ever as I wait to hear back if I make it past round one.  The initial cut is perhaps the greatest, as they go from 10,000 entries to only 2,000 (400 in each of the five categories).  From the top 400 the excerpt each contestant submitted is judged and given a professional review and score.  The review of my excerpt will be permanently attached to TSS's Amazon page, hence the importance of making it through round one.  The most realistic goal is to make it to the quarterfinals, which is the round after the second round.  After the excerpt is scored the top 100 of each category are considered quarter-finalists.  Each manuscript is sent to Publisher's Weekly and given a review by the company!  That means my work will have a professional review forever associated with it whether it wins the contest or not!  You can't buy that kind of publicity!  Well, you can, but it would just cost a pretty penny.

As promised, here is the pitch I crafted for TSS:

A lonely girl lives on a lonely island.  Her only friends are the elements around her:  the trees, the wind, the birds and the fish.  She has come to trust these friends to warn and protect her of approaching danger.  But her friends and her instincts are about to betray her on one beautiful summer’s eve.  It is a betrayal that almost cost this mysterious young woman her life.

This is how THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME begins.  You’ll never guess how it will end.

Who is this mysterious girl?  Why does she live in isolation?  Who is the equally enigmatic man who has come to her rescue?  What has happened to the world we all know and live in?  What has happened to America?  Who will be able to save this world from the evils it has succumbed to?

Welcome to THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME, a novel that seeks to answer all these questions and many more.  This is a sweeping narrative that whisks readers along into the treacherous journey our heroine must face as her years of loneliness come to a sudden, violent end.  As the past slowly resurfaces and reveals itself to the audience, this tale sprints along at a break neck pace, delving into a world divided by the deepest scorns of humanity.  Inspired by the bitter disconnect the United States witnessed during the 2012 Presidential Elections, THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME offers a glimpse into a future where words and hatred turn into action and despair.  This is a story about survival.  This is a story about faith.  This is a story about the evils within this world and the only true power that exists to stop them.


Savannah Theater, the oldest original operating
theater still on its original foundation in the US.

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