Tuesday, January 29, 2013

15 Days and Counting!

Happy Tuesday Bloggers and THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME (TSS) fans!  We had another sale of TSS by a very important person who works in a very prestigious and even more important career field.  If she is reading this, and from what I hear she most likely is, I would like to thank you for the support!  Well, I can't help but give Fox's new show, The Following, another nod.  That show is incredible.  I see the general format that each episode is going to follow and absolutely love it.  This episode had a few twists I never saw coming.  Very suspenseful and intense.  A masterpiece in terms of network television production value.  The tone, music and camera work are mesmerizing.  Acting is top notch too, but they have a bunch of big name actors making up the cast, not a bunch of no-name TV up-and-comers.  Again, the writing in the show is brilliant.  In contrast to another form of entertainment that has been consuming my life, the XBOX game, Halo 4.  My "significant other" bought the game for me as a Christmas present, when I have been trying to avoid getting sucked back into the video gaming world.  A lot of good friends across the country are playing it, so it gives us a common place to meet up and chat and play.  But with Halo, the game that launched Microsoft's XBOX platform and turned me back into a gamer, that game is more than just a fun multi-player game for me.  I have loved the story line in the first three games, well, in the first and third, but the second, while it was horrible as the sequel, had its importance vindicated with the third installment.  This fourth game was a break from the original studio, Bungie, and put all the weight of one of the most successful franchise's on the shoulders of a new studio, 343 industries.  While they did some things much better, the graphics in the story-telling, the sounds and look of the weapons; the story itself was a bit vague and completely confusing.  It seemed to be a game made for die-hard Halo fans who read all the books and have played all the games, not just the main story-line.  But I finally beat the campaign, much to my disappointment, so no more late nights trying to squeeze in time to waste on a silly video game.

Now that I've covered those two tidbits of entertaining critiques, it's back to business as usual.  Check out my blog over at jzimmerman324.weebly.com for the closing history of my life.  Here is page seven of TSS, followed by another picture from this beautiful city.  Enjoy, and have a great day!

"layer of barrels which lay two wide.  A single row lined the center of the room as a third level.  She counted down to the seventh row where there were two barrels end to end at the highest level.  She picked up the top barrel on her right, always lifting it carefully not to disturb the heavy dust that had settled over the years.  The top of the barrel always facing the wall was smashed in.  Inside this first barrel was a hunting knife and sharpening stone, but since she had just sharpened the edge the day before, she just grabbed her knife enclosed in a light brown leather sheath with a small band.  With the knife in hand she pulled back the next barrel against the wall, just enough to sneak her arm in and grab a lighter among the many that lay hidden.  She returned both barrels to their original places, dropped the lighter into her pocket and strapped the knife around her right calf muscle.  She turned to her left side and from the top barrel closest to her she removed her binoculars.
From the powder room she moved along the northern face of the fort, pausing at each gun emplacement opening to pan the north side of the island with her binoculars.  Across the fifty feet of moat lay a relatively open area with just a single red cedar tree directly north.  Slightly to the northeast was the closest thick clearing.  She watched the trees and the movement in those woods.  About two hundred meters further north of the cypress was a smaller clearing that blocked her view of the river’s mouth from the fort.  She concentrated her gaze on those trees as well; looking for any movement that seemed out of place.  The leaves and limbs waved to her treacherously in the northern breeze.  Oh, how they tricked her.

She repeated this process at each empty gun emplacement, until she reached the sixth slanted window along the northern wall, where her rod and bucket lay.  Gathering the gear and feeling quite confident that this day was just like any"

Grave marking for U.S. soldier at Fort Pulaski, the location
of the opening scenes in TSS.

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