Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Monday Y'all!

Good day fellow Bloggers, internet cruisers, and growing fan base!  As this blog begins its second week since creation, I have arrived at a crossroad.  To those of you who may be new, or might not have noticed, I have been running two blogs, this one and one over at Weebly.  My initial thought was that two would mean more traffic to get more readers to discover my newest book, THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME  (TSS), so I was basically composing each blog entry on this site and copy-and-pasting it on the Weebly blog.  I was not putting in the effort of running two independent blogs.  So after taking yesterday off, which will become a norm as I will "unplug" every Sunday to focus on faith, family, and FOOTBALL, we'll just say fun after next month, I decided how to separate these two blogs, and really it was quite simple.  This blog was created to promote TSS, and from this point forward will solely cover everything related to that project, from posting new reviews, to promotional sales, and maybe even giving subscribers the book, page by page, for free.  Of course, that will require viewers to subscribe to this blog.  I will also use this blog to promote the city of Savannah because I love it so, and feel it is well worth the plug.  I'll continue to post some of the amazing pictures I have taken since we have moved here (amazing for the content within them, not the quality of the photos-I'm a writer, not a professional photographer).  And to help fill the void that is steadily growing from getting feedback on what reader's thing of TSS, I will also use this blog to post reviews of any books I have read.  Oh, and I will still be posting my writing from's Weekly Writing Prompt on both blogs on Saturday's still.  That being said, and the purpose of this blog clarified, let me move on to this week's big news:  (to see what the Weebly blog is all about, check it out here)

This is the week that will hopefully change the rest of my life!  Amazon is having its annual Breakthrough Novel Award competition and they open the submission period in six days (and, currently, 16 hours, 45 minutes) and you better believe I will be posting my submission within the first few minutes of the open period.  The contest closes after 10,000 submissions, which may sound like a lot, but I'm not taking any chances (considering the hundreds of thousands of new books coming out on Amazon each year).  The first step is composing a 300 word, or less, killer pitch for TSS.  From there TSS will do the rest of the work.  But writing a pitch that will propel the entry pass the first round and quickly begin gaining more attention to the title and the novel is the main goal.  So that's my job this week, and my primary focus.  I will share my pitch with y'all before I submit.  Maybe that will help generate some comments from all the "unique" visitors looking at this page each day.  That is all for now.  I wish y'all a Happy Monday!

I was looking through my pictures, in the very
first album from when we initially moved to
Savannah, and had to share this picture, and
if you've ever been to the SAV, you'd unders-
tand.  This place is all about its food!  Here is
a SUPERB oyster po boy sandwich, buffalo
style.  It was amazing.  From Tubby's on River
Street, one of our favorite restaurants, hands

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