Thursday, December 27, 2012

This will be my new blog.  I guess I should have read GOOGLE's blogger policy and not just hastily checked "agree" since they shut down my last blog due to my constant posting of links to my newest novel, THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME (I will refer to this as TSS throughout this entry).  This blog will be dedicated to promoting TSS and my other works, Vernan, the Vegan Vulture and Superheroes:  The Novel.  These two works are available on both and the iBookstore.

With the plummet off the looming fiscal cliff just days away, I implore my audience to read TSS to see exactly how dark of a future could possibly exist when the Federal government quits becoming a functioning body in our country.  It's a quick, riveting read, or so I have been told, and will hopefully open readers eyes to the underlying problems within our country and world.

I will also be promoting the beauty of this majestic city my family and I have chosen to live in, Savannah, Georgia.  If you have never been to this historic town, I highly recommend making the trip.  Their downtown Northern district is one of the largest National Historic Landmarks Districts in the United States.  So I'll be closing every blog entry with a picture I have taken exploring this magical city.  Enjoy and I thank you for your continual interest.

Good day,
Jason Zimmerman
Savannah City Hall

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