Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another Review on Amazon Has Been Posted!

Hello Bloggers, and hopefully budding fan base!  We had another review come in to the Amazon page!  Another 5 star rating for THE SAVANNAH SYNDROME!  This one comes from username "erin daniels," who writes:

The Savannah Syndrome was a fascinating read. Jason Zimmerman introduced two characters that complimented each other perfectly. Savannah is smart, resourceful and able to take care of herself yet very innocent of the ways of the world. Then comes Marcus, ex ranger who is very worldly. They both come to realize they have many things to teach each other. Such a super read! I would highly recommend this book to anyone!

Well, that's four positive reviews so far!  Hopefully, those are enough to convince you to head over to the link at the top of this page and check out the story yourself.  At only $2.99, it is a bargain for the world you are about to enter, a world that will leave you fearing, and perhaps cheering, for the Savannah Syndrome...

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